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How can you get your body ready to return to sport?

Are you looking to return to sport?

Do you have old injuries, tight muscles, aching lower back, not feeling able to move easily? Would you love to get back to your favourite activities but just don’t feel physically up to it?

Your body is a fine-tuned machine

Think about car or motorbike racing. You have a team of mechanics working to ensure car is performing at its best and is perfectly in balance.

You can have the most skilled driver in the world, but if that vehicle is imbalanced, the chances of winning or even finishing that race is severely diminished.

Similarly, if your body is unbalanced, you will not be able to perform at your best. What can being unbalanced do to you? You may be not as fast, not able to move as well, not as strong and you can be more susceptible to injury (or further injury)!

Legs with tight hamstrings won’t run as fast as legs that move freely. Shoulders that don’t move easily will make swimming strokes harder or give a less powerful tennis serve. A pelvis that’s uneven will make moving more difficult

Balance and symmetry

Bowen Therapy helps the body move into balance and symmetry. Balancing the body through gentle moves, with some focus on specific muscle areas of problem, helps bring the body back to the state it should be. And if the body has symmetry, then all muscles can work smoothly and evenly – much like that racing car or motorbike.

Bowen Therapy to get you active again

Bowen Therapy can help to improve stamina, stimulate recovery AND balance the body.

You can try Bowen Therapy today for as little as $85 and in as little as 55 minutes. Book Online today for your first session and assessment to see how Bowen Therapy can get you back to doing what you love.

Michelle x

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