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Thank you to all my wonderful clients for their reviews over the years. If you have recently had a great experience you would love to share with us, we would love to hear from you. Head to the below google link to write a review.

“This is my 2nd experience using Bowen treatment for acute movement restriction issues - and the results have been amazing! The facilities at Orange Bowen Therapy are excellent! Michelle has a wonderful ‘bedside’ manner and approach and I highly recommend OBT. My own issue cleared up after only 3 treatments.”

Chris D.


Michelle was able to help me significantly reduce the severity and frequency of my daily headaches and migraines in a short few months after experiencing them for almost 2 years. I have been able to stop all of the medication i was on and the improvement is amazing! Michelle is a very welcoming and caring person and I would highly recommend!

Brie T

Don't underestimate the benefits of Bowen Therapy. I have always been a massage an acupuncture person, until trying Bowen! The effects are much longer lasting and help the whole body as opposed to just a certain area. I only wish I had found Michelle years ago... No matter your issue, I highly recommend making an appointment and seeing how Michelle can help you!

Shannon K

"My husband recently started Bowen therapy with Michelle and the change in him and the lack of pain is nothing short of a miracle, so happy we found Michelle couldn’t recommend her highly enough. 👍👍👍"

Robyn F

"Have had lower lumbar back problems since 2015 and have found Orange Bowen Therapy has helped with my back pain. Michelle was fantastic."

Ronald D

orange bowen therapy

"I have taken my 3 month old son to see Michelle after someone recommend Bowen therapy for how tense he is following a pretty traumatic birth experience, resulting in an emergency cesarean. Michelle has worked her magic and he now settles much easier and relaxes more. Would definitely recommend Michelle to anyone wanting to try Bowen therapy."

Carly R

"Michelle was fantastic! She has helped so much with my little 7 month old girl and her sleeping! We are back to a normal(ish) routine with her. Much better than up 4 times a night! Thanks Michelle!"

Amanda E

"Michelle's Bowen Therapy sessions have been life-changing for me, solving my chronic migraines which I have been attempting to control with medication for most of my life. A very talented lady!"

Patricia P

After putting up with plantar fasciitis for almost 12 months, someone told me about Bowen Therapy ! Wow Michelle is fantastic - after just a few visits I am already feeling much relief in my feet. It's a very relaxing atmosphere.

Kylie W

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