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Treating Torticollis with Bowen Therapy

Updated: May 4

My grandson was born with Torticollis, a condition where his neck muscles were tight and caused him discomfort. Instead of immediately going to a Paediatric Physiotherapist, we decided to try Bowen Therapy first because the wait time for the physiotherapist was quite long.

I treated my grandson with baby Bowen sessions, spacing them three days apart for a total of three sessions. Gradually, he seemed less uncomfortable and more at ease. We continued his treatment on a weekly basis, and each week he showed improvement. After six weeks, we were thrilled to see that his body seemed to be properly aligned, and he was much happier sitting in his car seat and lying in his bassinet.

The best part was that he could now effortlessly turn his head in both directions, and the pulling towards the right side had completely disappeared. It's truly amazing how Bowen Therapy has helped my grandson and other babies in similar situations.

What's truly remarkable about Bowen Therapy is that it is incredibly gentle and suitable for babies as well as the elderly. It's such a relief to have found a treatment that is effective and safe for such a wide range of individuals. Bowen Therapy is so gentle, it is suitable for Babies and the elderly. I am so happy and privileged to be able to help my grandson and other babies.

See the below before and after photos.

Have a lovely day, Michelle

Baby Orange Bowen Therapy

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