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Stress is the #1 reason for under performance in work and academic study!

What happens to your body when you are stressed? When you are stressed, the autonomic nervous system is affected. This system is responsible for over 80% of bodily functions including the heart rate, breathing, digestion, hormone release, muscles, the immune system, blood pressure and repair processes.

When we are under considerable and constant pressure to meet the demands of daily responsibilities, our body switches to ‘fight or flight’ and prepares us to do battle or to run for our lives. During prolonged periods of stress, ‘fight or flight’ commonly stays switched on and so our body never gets the message to rest. This is when we escalate into fear, anxiety and panic, leading to many anxiety and stress-related conditions. For some this can have a major impact on long-term health.

What symptoms can you experience?

Many recurring symptoms with no apparent trigger, such as general ‘achiness’, recurring illness, digestive problems, heartburn, acid reflux, insomnia, low mood, exhaustion, low tolerance levels and feelings of being overwhelmed are typically experienced when the body is in a state of prolonged stress.

Stress need not be emotional. It may result from excess mental or physical pressure eg. working long hours, ongoing conflict, pushing yourself particularly hard or perhaps experiencing or supporting others through a stressful or traumatic episode. Sleep deprivation, nutritional deficiency, environmental conditions, a virus, infection or some kind of trauma can all take their toll and lead to a build up of stress.

Why choose Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy can be truly the most relaxing treatment available. And to the massage enthusiasts this can be really hard to understand. But please give it a try before you make a judgement.

Something happens deep inside the body when we have Bowen. The muscles, tendons and ligaments appear to completely relax and let go of any stress. Have you ever felt that sinking into your bed after an amazing sleep? You can feel your whole body sinking down and feel like it’s nearly impossible to move you are so comfortable?

This is something that never happens during massage or most other treatments.

How Does Bowen Therapy Work?

Bowen Therapy works through light touches and manipulations, which send messages deep into your body to help re-balance your autonomic nervous system and trigger self healing mechanisms.

These changes make you feel your best and restore your body's preferred relaxed balance, helping you achieve at your highest potential.

Book online today here or call 0412 863 611 to really experience the relaxing effects of Bowen Therapy.

Michelle x

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