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New Year, Better You

Hello and welcome to 2022!

I want to kickstart by saying a huge Happy New Year and wish you all the best for the upcoming year.

The past year at Orange Bowen has been amazing for us, but like with anything, we strive to be even better this year. This ethos is something we can apply to life: whether it be your job, your belongings as well as your mental and physical health. Amongst the tragedy and general goings on in the world, it is hard to keep track sometimes of what is important. No matter what is happening there is one thing that will not change, and that is the importance of your health.

The past year may have been full of "I will get that seen to later" or "I will sleep on it and it will be fine" - but this decade is about taking action and doing what is best for YOU to ensure you are living the best and healthiest life possible.

What can Bowen do for me?

Here at Orange Bowen, we specialise in a therapy which can help to ease your pain. If you're struggling to partake in an activity you once loved, or if there is a pain that just won't go away - then we can help.

The therapy is a light therapy performed through loose clothing to ensure no pain, and can be used to deal with issues such as asthma, dizziness, whiplash, headaches and more. No matter what the issue, get in touch and we can decide what is best for you. Make it your New Years Resolution to look after your body and end your suffering.

Once again - Happy New Year from us at Orange Bowen and here is to a better you! Michelle x

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