Anita R

Michelle has been awesome in helping my 8 year old with her Asthma. I wish we had discovered Bowen Years ago.Thanks Michelle !

Trish P

Michelle's Bowen Therapy sessions have been life changing for me,solving my chronic migraines which I have been attempting to control with medication for most of my life. A very talented lady !

Laurie U

Life in the golf world can be very taxing on the body in numerous areas. Golfer's forearm/elbow, neck, back or even knees. All of these I have experienced. Michelle has been there for the emergency call with great results. Sometimes a few treatments but cannot recommend her enough. I would be lost without my Golf AND my Bowen Therapist. Thanks so much Michelle.

Amanda S

Michelle was fantastic! She has helped so much with my little 7 month old girl and her sleeping! We are back to a normal(ish) routine with her. Much better than up 4 times a night! 

Georgie - Rose

After a challenging labour that ended in an assisted delivery, I took my 4 week old newborn to Michelle in a last attempt for some sleep and harmony in our household- Michelle accomplished that! 

Marty was a jaundiced, colicky, battered and bruised out of sorts little newborn. We took him to Michelle and after a very short first session we saw improvements. After the third treatment he was 100 x happier and much more supple in the neck. His colic had improved, bowel movements were more frequent and the entire household got a lot more sleep. Two weeks on from his last treatment and he has improved out of sight. 

I highly recommend Bowen by Michelle for a non invasive treatment protocol for mums and bubs by a friendly, experienced professional. It was very affordable and very effective. 

After seeing Marty’s improvements I thought I would see what all the fuss was about, I automatically found a big difference in muscles that had been in knots after labour. I believe it helped with my healing and my body’s bounce back. After a Bowen on myself I was back to exercising, horse riding and found my body took the the experience very positively.